The Art of Decluttering

Hello! I hope everyone is having a lovely new year! Before entering 2019, I tackled my closet and makeup storage to declutter. I did not know how much of a hoarder I was until I saw how much stuff I had to get rid of or donate. Through the process of tidying things up, I realized how wasteful I’ve been by spending money on products I barely or don’t even use. It was also a waste of space. The result of decluttering gave me joy since it is effortless to organize now and I’m looking at all the items that I actually enjoy using or wearing. Here is what I learned!

Why should you declutter?

  • Reduce anxiety: Clutter causes stress and anxiety. There are various reasons such as it’s hard to find anything in a messy space, it’s a reminder that you need to clean, and overall your environment affects how you feel.

  • Be more efficient: It takes less time finding and cleaning your stuff.

  • Improve your decision making skill: It’s not easy letting go of something you own, but knowing it’s for the overall good it pushes you to be more decisive. Taking a look at the items that you kept will help you to understand your taste and style. Thus, making better decisions the next time you shop.

  • A new start: By letting go of the old and having space for the new, it gives you the sense of a new beginning.


  1. Tackle one category at a time.
    I started with my closet and only focus on that. I even categorized from my shirts first, then my jackets, dresses, and so on. This way you are focused on one area versus trying multiple-task and be distracted. You are actually more productive when you focus on doing one thing at a time.

  2. Respect your belongings.
    I wish I applied more of this when I was decluttering. I didn’t watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix until afterward, but from Kondo’s advice, I learned that it’s important to respect the items that you have even if you’re no longer using it.

  3. You can donate the things you no longer need or enjoy.
    Those items, in turn, can give other people joy. I have a couple of shirts that were never worn, and I know it’s a waste because I spent money on them. But, if I continue to keep them, they would just sit there in my closet while I can give the shirts to someone else who would appreciate the items.

What I learned:

Decluttering is not hard, you just have to tackle one area at a time. It’s going to look like a bigger mess while you’re in the process of tidying up, don’t mind it and keep focusing on the task. It might take a day or even longer but you’ll be so relieved and satisfied once you’re done. For instance, looking at my closet used to give me anxiety because I have so many stuff. Not only that, but I also procrastinate to put my done laundry away. My decluttered closet is looking organized with only items that I love. Therefore, getting dressed feel less like a chore since the clothes that I have now kind of all go together. Not to mention putting laundry away feels easier as well because everything is in order.


“Keep only those things that speak to your heart. Then take the plunge and discard all the rest. By doing this, you can reset your life and embark on a new lifestyle.” 
― Marie Kondō