Starting A Healthy Lifestyle | Life Update

Starting A Healthy Lifestyle | Life Update - Roses and Beauty Blog

Starting A Healthy Lifestyle | Life Update - Roses and Beauty Blog

Hello, Lovelies! I know it has been a while! I've been on a hiatus to focus on my life and improving my lifestyle. For a while, I've been moody and not feeling myself, so I decided to take a break. Don't worry; I am back now! Feeling more inspired and motivated to blog. I've made a few changes to my lifestyle in hopes of forming healthy habits, with the goal to be mentally and physically healthy. Since turning 23, I've been thinking a lot about life, and I concluded that I'm not trying my best to create my Dream Life. I know I can do a lot better than this! Therefore, I'm taking one step at a time to improve and be the best version of myself. I can't wait any longer so let's get into it! Here are the ways I've improved my lifestyle at this point.

Starting A Healthy Lifestyle | Life Update

Starting A Healthy Lifestyle | Life Update

A Healthy Diet

It all started when I finally found out my blood type. I've heard about blood type diet, but without knowing my blood type I never really looked into it. Basically, for each type, there are specific recommendations for foods you should eat and avoid. I happen to be blood type A, which the recommended diet is to consume a lot of vegetables and certain fish. Truthfully, I love trying new food, so cutting meats out of my diet is not ideal for me. To compromise and have a balanced diet I started to eat less meat. Throughout the week I make sure to eat more vegetables and fruits, for instance, my dinner plate would be half filled with vegetables. It has been a few months since I made the change towards my diet and I have to say I do prefer vegetables more than meat now. Recently I went with a friend to an Indian food buffet, I tried a little of each curry, but I loved the vegetarian curry.

I think the biggest reason for loving the diet that I have now has a lot to do with how my body feels. Since I've started eating healthier, I noticed that I have more energy, and my body feels fantastic. There are lots of tasty, healthy food options too. Also, I'm not very strict with my diet. I do have two cheat days per week unless I'm on vacation then I eat whatever I want. It's all about the balance. That is my take on being healthy while I still have days to eat whatever I want. After all, food is life!

What I eat and drink:

As I've mentioned I have blood type A, so I eat mostly vegetables, fruits, and salmon (well at least more than meat) on weekdays. I usually have one cup of coffee every morning, but throughout the day I drink a lot of water. When I really need an energy drink, I'd grab one that is organic. I only occasionally drink sodas and alcohols. Those drinks give you the belly, just saying.

I do cook at home often to save money, and I am picky with how I like my vegetables cooked. I'm not a picky eater, but when it comes to veggies, I am. I like to roast potatoes, broccoli, and carrots just enough so that they're not soggy. Also, smoothie bowls are my favorite! Lately, I've been gathering ingredients to make different types of smoothie bowls. So far I know how to make matcha, charcoal, and acai bowl!

Working Out is a reward, not a punishment

Trust me when I say I hated working out before. Part of it is the flashback to PE, my least favorite subject. Also, I don't gain weight, so I used to rely on that and not workout, like EVER. I realized that just because I'm not gaining weight doesn't mean I'm healthy. My working out journey started last summer when I studied abroad in Seoul, South Korea. Although I ate a lot, my body looked decent because I walked everywhere. After months of being back in the states, I noticed my body is not looking as greet anymore! Therefore, I even surprising myself as I started working out.

My typical workout routine

It wasn't until recently that I started working out more seriously. I started off slowly by exercising on the elliptical at home only once per week. After my summer vacation, I felt fatter from eating all the delicious but non-healthy foods, so I started looking up workout videos on Youtube. My favorite is Emi's channel; her channel is about fitness and health. I've been following some of her videos and now I’m working out at least 2-3 days per week, doing the following: Stretches (Warm up) - Waist and abs workout for flat belly or exercising on the elliptical.

Law of attraction 

Recently I got into learning more about the Law of Attraction to promote positive thinking. It is a universal law that says our thoughts create our universe and surrounding. You get what you think about positive or negative, whether you want it or not. For a more precise explanation, I suggest watching Leeor Alexandra's Youtube channel. Her channel is very informative especially about the Law of Attraction.

The most important tip I've learned is that you can create your dream life by focusing on the result to attract opportunities. Don't stress over the "how to." Focus on your emotions, like how you would feel if you have that in your life. The reason for not focusing on the steps to get there because it can give you anxiety. You don't want to be stressed or have negative thoughts. That is a big no-no in Law of Attraction. Remember, you get what you think about positive or negative. Believe in the universe and yourself to attract opportunities in your life.

How I discovered the Law of Attraction.

I don't remember exactly when but I made a vision board so I can stay focus in school and work. Two things that I remember very well from my vision board are SHINee's concert and visiting South Korea. SHINee is my favorite Kpop band, so I wanted to go to their concert at least once. Well, guess what they had their first world tour ever in the United States in 2017! Of course, I didn't miss it. Another event happened in the same year. I got to study abroad in South Korea during the summer! My dreams at the time were to visit South Korea, study abroad to experience living in another country, and gain internship experience. I ended up checking all of that off my list! Things on my vision board started to become a reality. At the time I didn't know that I was using the Law of Attraction until I met Tiffany Saxby, a beautiful makeup artist, during my NYC trip. She told me to watch The Secret; it was then that I became aware of it. Then, things didn't go according to plans this year, so I was feeling moody and not myself. I needed motivation and positivity in life to improve my thinking, then I came across Leeor Alexandra's channel on Youtube, and you know the rest. It became my hobby to learn more about it while I work on creating my dream life.

Thank you for making it this far! I know it's a long post compared my usual blogging style, short and straight to the point. I wanted to give you a complete update on my lifestyle. This was a very personal post, and I hope you enjoy getting to know a little more about me along with the lifestyle I'm going for. Again, thank you for making it this far!

Best wishes,