Kaja Beauty| The New Kbeauty Brand


Kaja Beauty, the new Kbeauty brand offers bite-sized products that are beautiful inside (the quality) and out ( the packaging). They’re currently available at Sephora in store and online.

First off, I would like to thank Memebox for sending me the gorgeous box filled with Kaja beauty’s favorites. I got the chance to test out the beauty bento eyeshadows, cheeky stamp blushes, mochi glow highlighters, and cushy vibe lip stains. My impression was that every product is so cute, especially with the unique packaging for the eyeshadows and blushes. I haven’t seen packaging like that where else. I can tell that Kaja Beauty is an innovative brand. Also, this post is not sponsored or anything. As always, all my reviews are based on my own experience and opinion. 

Okay, let’s talk about each type of products!

Kaja Beauty| The New Kbeauty Brand

Kaja Beauty| The New Kbeauty Brand

Beauty Bento| Shimmer Eyeshadow Trio

01 Rosewater02 Orange Blossom

Thoughts: The packaging is handy for travel, and I’m absolutely in love with how sparkly the eyeshadows are! They are amazing and pigmented. If you want to go all out with the sparkles then definitely apply it with your fingers. I’ve tried quite a few shimmer shadows, and this now in my top favorites! I highly recommend both of these!

Update: Just wanted to let you guys know that these do have some glitter fallout. More than other sparkly eyeshadows that I’ve tried, but I don’t mind it because they’re still the most gorgeous sparkly shadows I have.

Kaja Beauty| The New Kbeauty Brand

Kaja Beauty| The New Kbeauty Brand

Cheeky Stamp| Blushes

01 coy 02 saucey 04 fiesty 03 bossy (in the order of my swatches)

How to use: Twist the top to reveal applicator. Pop open the bottom compact. Push sponge into cushion formula. Blend upon application (I blend it out with my fingers).

Thoughts: I’m obsessed with the formula! I’m not the most experienced with cream or cushion blush, but I found these easy to work with. The colors are blendable and look natural. It’s like you have on a natural flush.  I do have to say the packaging is bulky, but considering that you don’t necessarily need a sponge or brush it’s quite a convenience. Overall, the blushes are fun to use with excellent quality! You know how some makeup products can have adorable packaging, but the formula sucks, well Kaja beauty’s blushes have both the cuteness and quality! I highly recommend the blushes as well.

I do have a question about the sponge on it. Is there a way to clean it? I guess if I need to I can disinfect it with a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol. That is how I clean most of my makeup products. I like to keep my makeup as clean as possible so you have any tips, let me know!

Kaja Beauty| The New Kbeauty Brand

Kaja Beauty| The New Kbeauty Brand

Mochi Glow| Highlighters

01 toy alien

02 pizm

03 luna

04 stardust

Thoughts: I like how these highlighters feel sort of spongy, yet they dry to a powder finish! Truthfully, I thought these are so-so. I’m not too amazed by them; that could just be my preference. They’re not bad or anything. Much like their other products, these are pigmented and buildable. I just don’t personally like the glittery look. If you look closely, you can see the tiny glitters. Although, from photos that I’ve seen they look natural on camera!

Kaja Beauty| The New Kbeauty Brand

Kaja Beauty| The New Kbeauty Brand

Cushy Vibe| Lip Stains

01 satin sheets

03 silk robe

04 cashmere

Thoughts: The texture and formula are very smooth and comfortable. The applicator is easy to work with and allow precise application. These colors are highly pigmented. What you see is what you get on your lips, and you only need a tiny amount. Overall, I’m impressed with the blendable and long lasting formula!