Benefits of Watermelon for skin & 5 DIY watermelon masks!

5 DIY Watermelon masks: treating breakouts

5 DIY Watermelon masks: treating breakouts

Watermelon is a refreshing and delightful sweet fruit. It’s one of my favorites! Not only is it delicious, but also it’s healthy to consume and can be used on the skin. Watermelon contains a high amount of water, also rich in lycopene, vitamin Aand C. Therefore, it is so beneficial for the body and skin. As you can tell from the title, I’m sharing with you what I’ve learned through my research and ways you can use watermelon as a mask.

I’ve never thought much about how beneficial watermelon can be. At least not until recently when my mom brought home a watermelon and I suddenly wondered if I could use it for my skin. So course, I did some research on the Internet, and I was amazed by what this wonderful fruit can do!

What does watermelon do for the skin?

  1. Anti-aging: Watermelon contains a lot of antioxidants; such as lycopene, vitamin A and C. These antioxidants can prevent wrinkles. How cool is that! Not only is it healthy to eat, but it also prevents aging.

  2. Hydrates the skin: Watermelon consists mostly of water so the skin can absorb the moisture it needs, and don’t forget the vitamin A and C as well.

  3. Heals sunburn: Applying watermelon on will cool down and soothe the skin without causing any irritation.

  4. Cures Acne/Pimples: Did you know watermelon is a natural remedy for acne? I didn’t, so it was a lovely discovery for me. It can cure problematic skin without drying out the skin since it has moisturizing benefits as well.

Let’s get to the fun part! Five DIY watermelon masks:

5 DIY Watermelon masks: treating breakouts

5 DIY Watermelon masks: treating breakouts

  1. The simple and efficient way: Cut the watermelon into thin slices, and then apply it like you would with cucumber slices!

  2. Dab cotton pads with fresh watermelon juice and apply it on the face for approximately 10 minutes. You can make the juice by mashing the watermelon with a fork/spoon or use a blender.For extra benefits!

  3. Add honey with watermelon juice to create a moisturizing mask. *Honey is also known for moisturizing.

  4. Mix inyogurt (I preferred to use Greek yogurt) and watermelon juice for anti-aging mask. *Yogurt is known to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

  5. Combine banana and watermelon to create a healing mask for acne/pimples. *Banana is also a natural remedy for acne for its ability to reduce inflammation.


My skin was breaking out pretty bad before I started testing the masks so it was perfect timing. After a week of using the DIY masks I’ve noticed that my skin healed so much faster than usual. I believed that using the watermelon masks along with my skincare products really helped my skin. Now, it’s not magic, I still don’t have perfect skin. The watermelon helped control my acne, so I was breaking out less. It has been a week since I’ve stopped using the DIY masks, since I ran out of watermelon. I’ve noticed that I have more pimples than when I was using the masks. It is definitely a natural remedy for acne/pimples.

Overall, I’ve only used it for a short time and I’m still young so I can’t say much about it being anti-aging. As for the other benefits I can say that yes, it did hydrate and heal my irritated skin. Like I've mentioned, it's not magic, so it can't get rid of your acne completely. However, it did minimize breakouts.

I do recommend using the DIY watermelon masks!